Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Cruise or Not to Cruise?

There's been a lot of joking around this week regarding the Costa Concordia tragedy off the coast of Livorno, next to the island of Giulio. Most people I know are aware that I'm going to Italy in a few months, and they're all poking at me not to take a cruise. As if I would to begin with!
Cruising, in my opinion, is a good gig if you're not that adventurous, you want to have all details taken care of including your food, and you don't really want to get off the ship too much. To me, a cruise is ideal for the Caribbean or Mexico, where its pretty much the same environment: sand, beaches, a little shopping, maybe one thing that's worth an excursion. To me, though, who is probably the biggest dork I know, why on earth would you take a cruise to EUROPE?! With so much to see, do, hear, taste and touch there's no way you would even get close to experiencing it with your measly five hours to take an excursion.
Look, I'm fully aware I'm going to be getting hate mail from dedicated cruisers. But I can also bet I've seen more than they ever will in visiting the same places. Like this picture. Ever swim in the warm Cretan Sea at sunrise? I have! And I wasn't on a cruise ship either!
Buona Fortuna!

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