Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love, love, love!

Lately I've been thinking about some destinations I would looove to visit if there was a Mr. With a Suitcase in the picture. Valentine's Day is coming up so naturally we'll all be nauseated by commercials on TV. All the more reason for you to read my blog, ha!
     Anywho, top on my list would have to be something tropical. Fiji, Morea, Costa Rica even Hawaii. Since I would have someone to entertain me, I would need all the nerdy sites I normally gravitate to solo. What could be more romantic than warm sandy beaches, playing in the water followed by a tasty dinner and wine in low lighting?
     If you're trying to stay stateside, there's always San Diego, San Antonio or even New Orleans. Vegas is a little too scarily crazy for my taste nowadays. I'm looking for late mornings in bed with room service and jacuzzi tub! A slow, meandering walk around town, checking out the local wares, and a quiet few days to be decadent.
     Of course, Europe has destinations to seclude yourself with your squeeze, too! Lovely gondola rides in Venice, a cozy chateau in Bavaria or the French Alps, or a sunny country house in Tuscany. Check in my links to see hotel availability and don't forget to read any of the Rick Steve's guidebooks for local fare.
     What's the most romantic place you've been to? Where would you love to go?

I'd like to be having a glass of wine watching this (see picture) thank you very much!

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