Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey, remember that thing called the euro?

    I know this is going to offend some of my European readers (and yes, I know you're out there because I see you in my stats, Germany!) but honestly I don't mean to. My job with this blog is get people traveling, and get a good deal while they're out seeing the world.It's not a hit on your countries, culture, or anything of that nature. That being said.........

    Woo hoo my vacation is getting cheaper by the day! I've been predicting the end of the euro for about 6 months now. When I went to Greece last year, the currency was at $1.42. That was still a bargain and I felt I really got my money's worth in accommodations and food while I was visiting, despite the 24% VAT. This week it dropped to $1.23, making this summer's trip to Italy that much more affordable. YAY!

    Transatlantic flight is still a big cost for Americans, but visiting the debt countries is not only a bargain for our pocketbooks, it's keeping people in business. Britons who haven't been hit too badly with unemployment are also lucky, being as their currency is still worth way more than the dollar and euro. Time to travel, ya'll! If you haven't been keeping up with my blog, or are new to reading it and are looking for a deal, keep reading. The Mediterranean countries and Ireland are of desperate need of some tourism money injections. Safety being a concern, I would probably try to stay out of Athens, but the islands await you! Also, save more money by traveling in September and October.
Travel deals for traveling Sept 15-Sept 22:

Britons taking advantage have it even better:
Manchester to Madrid, Spain: 145 GBP

     Those wishing to visit the UK this summer are going to be paying top dollar, since London is hosting the summer Olympics. A visit there during that time is going to not only cost you a lot, but also be full of crowds.

     There are many great hotel deals on Trip Advisor and so make sure you check those site out first! Also remember there are many European regional airlines that can save you money flying to different locations, like Vueling, Germanwings, and Easy Jet. Sometimes these are cheaper than taking a train. Also check the country you're traveling to if you ARE taking a train. Most of them you can book tickets directly on their websites instead of going through and agent like RailEurope which charges more.However, RailEurope is best for rail passes of long duration.
     Day tours for every country can be purchased on . At least it can give you some good ideas of what there is to see.

ATTENTION ANDROID USERS! There is an app now available called Rick Steves Audio Europe. The app uses sections of travel aficionado Rick Steves radio show, organized by country and are downloadable for FREE! I have been listening to the sections regarding Italy and it's just chock full of information and even guided walks by Rick. For those you who do not have a Droid but still want to check it out, you can listen to Rick Steve's show on his website.