Thursday, January 19, 2012

It Makes a Mark

    One of the things I discover as I travel is I always come home with some new or previously forgotten feeling. I was watching Eat, Pray, Love the other day and there's a part in the book and movie where the cast is sitting around a table in Rome and asking each other for a word describing a city, or each other. I sat there thinking of all the places I've traveled, the things I've seen, sounds I've heard and I came up with words of my own.
     Ireland: Friendly. You will never meet more outwardly friendly and helpful people than the Irish. At first it weirded me out a little, being American and its ingrained in us not to talk to strangers, but after a day or two I came to really appreciate it. There were many times that locals came to my rescue when I couldn't locate something on my map or I needed a recommendation on a place to go grab a bite to eat.
     Scotland: Fierceness. Just wow. After seeing many cities and towns in this country, meeting many people (even going on a couple dates with one.. ha ha) and experiencing the wilds of the north, there's just an undercurrent of fierceness running through everything. Almost as if just simmering below the surface, you'd expect them to rise up and become independant again. And for those of you who are suggesting I've been watching too much Braveheat, you're wrong. Go there and you'll see!
     England: Old and Classy. I love me some England, I do. The buildings, the frenetic activity in London, and even the people.
     Greece: Relax. I learned this best while on the islands. Nothing to do but lay on the beach, eat, maybe go see something. The pace here is a lot slower and the Greeks are never on time for anything so it forced me to slow down. It was a good lesson!
     Italy: TBD. I'm thinking it might be decadence or indulgence. We shall see when I come back.

On a side note, have you ever heard the Kenny Chesney song "I Go Back"? It's about hearing a song and its puts you back to an exact place in your life. What songs or words remind you of your trips and happy memories abroad? Here's a tidbit: Every time I hear Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" I think about walking the streets of London with my cousin.
     What's your favorite vacation memory? Music? Food?

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  1. My best vacation memories involve wildlife -- safari in Tanzania, hopping around the Galapagos Islands, and holding koalas and feeding kangaroos in Australia.