Friday, January 20, 2012

Take Advantage of Bad Economy Travel

Yeah, the US and Europe's economies are kinda in the toilet, but for those that aren't in a pinch and can afford to travel this is the time to explore! Remember, the money you are spending contributes to people keeping jobs and food on the table. So without further ado, where should you try? We'll start with the countries on the IMF (International Monetary Fund) bad-guy debt list.
     Greece- Despite the protests viewed on TV, on the islands you wouldn't really know people are angry besides the off days with the taxis. Keep in mind it's suggested you start on the islands and work your way back to the mainland. If you're coming from the US you're not going to get a good deal on the airfare but you will save A LOT on hotels and food (even with the 23% VAT tax). Check for the best listings of even smaller hotels where you can get a great deal. For instance, a friend and I stayed on Perissa Beach in Santorini for 4 nights for 140 euro. 
Perissa Beach, Santorini-
 If you go in an off month, like September, you're not surrounded by drunken yobs and you can get a great deal on a room!
 If you eat in little tavernas you can get a meal for two with bread, appetizers, two entrees and drinks for about 33 euro.

     Spain- This is on my list to go in the next year. Check out this article from the Daily Mail regarding travel in the Costas for Spain, Costas of Spain. Right now for September you can get 6 nights in Costa Brava, near Levante and Poniente Beaches for about 600 euro at the wonderfully rated Hotel Fetiche Alojamiento con Encanto. Check out the link for more information and don't forget to bring your bathing suit! 
     Portugal- The grand old city of Porto makes a mark for those of us who are history geeks. Good food, gorgeous architecture and the birthplace of port wine. So can you get a getaway to Porto for a good deal? Let's see:  You can fly to Porto and stay in the 5 star Pousada do Porto for 6 nights in May for a little less than $3000 for two people. That's a great deal! 

All it takes is a little research, but then most people don't like that part and probably why they ask me for help... ha ha. I've been known to rebook my hotels three times to ensure I get the best deal. Come on travelers, let's stimulate the economy!

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