Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Countdown

13 days to go and I'm getting antsy. That sort of restless that drives you crazy all day long. All your plans are made, your reservations are double checked, and you begin fantasizing about about your adventure.
This is me right now. It started last weekend when I visited my 91 year old grandmother so I could show her pictures of where I was going. So where am I going, you ask. Monterosso al Mare (in the Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera), Genova and then off to the Balkans for 5 days in Split, Croatia.
One of the things I like about traveling is learning about the local culture. What are they known for? Do they have regional items? Turns out Cinque Terre is home of two of my favorite Italian foods: focaccia and pesto. I LOVE pesto. In fact, in northern Italy you can only call something "pesto genovese" if the basil to make it was locally grown. They're also known for a couple of different kinds of wine specific to that area and I plan on doing my fair share of tasting them all!
So here's a little preview of the some of the things I'll be eating, drinking and seeing:
Beautiful Vernazza!
Sciacchestra wine is only found in Cinque Terre

bruschetta and crostini

pesto ravioli

Castello at Monterosso al Mare