Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calling All History Buffs

I was reading through some online travel articles the other day and came across one that really spoke to.e. It was called On the Trail of Joan of Arc, in the UK's Daily Telegraph. The author of the article led readers on a self guided journey around the countryside of France, in celebration of St. Joan's 600th birthday. It got me thinking, what other self guided adventures could one plan? St. Paul's journeys though the Mediterranean? Or drive the El Camino Real through California, which links all the old Spanish Missions? How about chartering a boat and doing your own Odyssey? King Arthur's tales, or Tristan and Isolde? I could go on for days!
I would probably do my own ancient UK myths and legends tour without batting an eye. In fact, that actually gives me some great ideas for a trip package.. ha ha. Anyone with an interest in Vikings, the travels of saints, or any other historical, literary or even culinary bent could design themselves a great trip without a lot of effort. So what strikes your fancy? I'm very interested in the ideas readers have! Here are some other ideas:
  • Medieval Castles of Germany
  • Travels of Charlemagne
  • Battles and Travels of William of Normandy (aka The Conquerer)
  • Viking Settlements Tour
  • Main Pilgrimage Points of Medieval Europe

                                                    Burg Eltz Castle- Germany
                                                    Get a Sword.com

Your travel ideas are only as limited as your imagination!

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