Sunday, September 1, 2013

Insomnia sucks

I usually don't wait until the last minute to pack for my trips but this time I did. My work schedule was so nuts I just didn't have the time. So there I was at 11pm packing and I have to be up at 4. Which really means I woke up at 3:30am due to my ridiculous insomnia lately. Couple that with copious amounts of champagne (courtesy of La Lopez) in the limo on the way to LAX and I feel pretty buzzed right
Traveling with two "Europe virgins" has been interesting. Its hard not to have La Lopez's enthusiasm rub off on me. Sister isn't really a fan of flying so the poor girl didn't exactly have the best ride to our first stop in Toronto, but I'm sure when we get to the first class lounge (passes courtesy of the president of the travel agency I work for) things will brighten up for her. The funniest thing so far is all the text messages and phone calls telling me to look out for her, like she's five and I'm going to lose her at the she's 33! But it is kind of cute nonetheless.
This morning we rolled into Switzerland for our last stop before heading to Malaga, Spain. I forgot to tell La Lopez the Germans have no sense of humor so it was funny watching her joke with the Swiss "TSA" people, and they had no expression whatsoever. Right now we're enjoying cappuccini and espresso while smelling all the pastries. I actually took an ambien and slept 80% of the flight here! Totally unheard of since I haven't been able to sleep the past two weeks.
The flight to Malaga was mellow and we napped some more. Flying over France and the interior of Spain was interesting. So much of it is still very rural. Portioned out farmland as far as the eye can see. Some areas are very mountainous and some very green, then out of no where a pretty lake comes into view with its water twinkling in the sunlight. We land at Malaga, the entry point of Spain's famous Costa del Sol.
A half hour bus ride later takes us to Marbella and our hotel, the Princesa Playa, which is right on the beach. We walked down the stairs onto the sand and into the water. Beautiful blue and green, undulating colors with the tide and waves, its the perfect middle between too cool and too warm. Absolutely refreshing! Nearby there is a beachside restaurant grilling freshly caught fish. The smell of barbecue and the glint of their silvery scales distract you as you walk up the stairs, just in time to see a horse drawn carriage go by the beach front lane.
Tonight we'll go to Puerto Banus for dinner and a night out. We plan in visiting Lineker's and few other pubs before our collective fatigue wears us down for the night.

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