Saturday, September 14, 2013

Odd, beautiful and bold Barcelona

Thursday was the day of the Gaudis, but first I dragged the girls to the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, which is the oldest church in Barcelona. It sports both Romanesque and Gothic features with a beautiful chapel of saints in a separate area in barrel vault style. At the high altar theres a statue of the Virgin Mary with a replica of a 16th century Spanish ship at her feet.
We walked along through the bohemian El Born section of the city, past the Picasso museum, on our way to the metro to see the Gaudi masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. Wow! Just wow. So many different architectural elements in one building it literally blows my mind. The spires were reaching into the blue sky like they could touch it.
After a fantastic lunch we headed to two other Gaudi buildings: La Pedrera and Casa Battlo. I love Gaudi's use of color and suggestion of movement in his buildings. He definitely had vision, though possibly chemically
We had to head back to Santa Maria del Mar because we had been kicked out for siesta, which the Spaniards take seriously. We all lit candles in the different chapels for friends and family, and it was impossible not to feel a sense of serenity. Miz Brazil took a tour of the church roof and towers while we were doing that and said it was amazing.
That night we walked along Carrer de Jaume I looking for a place to eat dinner. We settled on an Irish pub which turned out to be another bad idea. We were invaded and bothered by drunk Norwegians, one of whom was aobut to get sick on the floor and was promptly shoved out. We ended up leaving. Oh..and they never brought me my dinner.=(
The next morning we all headed to the airport together since La Lopez's flight left first. We'll miss Barcelona and Granada the most, although I'll miss the beaches in the other places we visited. Miz Brazil and La Lopez went home to the US while Sister and I headed to Portugal for two days in Lisbon.
Stay tuned!

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