Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Wonders of Barcelona

Our last evening in Ibiza was spent having a few drinks and a light dinner so we could be rested for our flight to Barcelona. Our neighbors had other ideas, however, and decided to scream and yell through the hallways, pound on the door next to ours at 4am, CALL our room at 5am looking for someone and generally act like a-holes. We couldn't get to the airport fast enough.
Getting to our apartment took well over an hour and a half, with most of that just waiting for our luggage. A bus, a metro trip, and a walk later we were there! Its on a tree lined street in Eixample, and has lots of little shops around. No tourists around here, and we like it that way! Our apartment has a little balcony overlooking a lovely street. We had a great early dinner at this place called Tres I No Res, which oddly had the best carbonara I've had since I was in Italy last year.
This morning was rainy and grey. We headed over to Plaça Catalunya for breakfast and a trip down Las Ramblas, right into the Gothic Quarter. We hit the Cathedral of Barcelona, Santa Eulalia, which was an AMAZING gothic church. The patron saint is even buried in a beautiful crypt below the alter. Many princes and counts of the city are also buried there, and it has many chapels along the nave which are simply breathtaking. Walking through the Barrier Gothic there are cool little shops everywhere and I could write an entire post on chocolate and pastries all by itself!
We also discovered Sept 11 is a national holiday for the people of Catalunya. Everywhere we saw people with the Catalunya flag, with shirts and hats, showing their pride. They chanted their anthem and the crowd clapped and moved in a sea of yellow and red stripes. The corridors of Las Ramblas were packed and it was sort of like our 4th of July.
We ended up at the Columbus monument, and then the Palau Güell, which is one of the famous Antoni Gaudi buildings. By the time we were done we were exhausted and ready for dinner so we headed over to the Plaça Rambla. There were so many people and the outdoor square is ringed with cafes. We decided on Cafe 15 Nits, because at first glance it seemed like a good idea. First of all just waiting to be seated took forever even though there were tables open. The host was a complete d-bag, and once we were seated we were ignored for at least 20 minutes. After we received our food, we had to wait for a waiter because the chicken in La Lopez's salad not only was cold but was completely uncooked. After calling attention to it and expressing our displeasure, we were given a little discount. However I would never suggest this cafe to anyone. Unless you like ecoli. We got back to the apartment exhausted from our day and looked forward to tomorrow.

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