Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Day in Italy and Our Layover

We woke up to a beautifully sunny day in Napoli. Since its Sunday all the shops are closed and it was eerily quiet as we walked to the metro. Napoli sort of has a trash issue (/sarc) and it was like a garbage bin threw up all over the Piazza Bellini. There was trash everywhere from whatever party they had going last night.
By the time we got on the Circumvesuviana it was quarter to 11 and we still had to get to Sorrento for the ferry. We made our way through Sorrento to a very steep stairway down a gorge to get to the port. If you've never seen Sorrento on a sunny day, its absolutely stunning. The water is a dark sapphire blue that meets a sky that's robin's egg blue. White puffy clouds like cotton float randomly as a nice breeze blows through town. We had lunch at a place right next to boat dock #9. The reason I mention this specifically is you should NEVER EAT HERE EVER EVER EVER. The service was awful. The waiter called Boy Wonder "white boy" and then gave me attitude when I asked for the check. And they have the nerve to offer fast service menu items (which is what we ordered) because people who eat there are getting on the ferry! So do youself a favor and not go there. There's plenty of other places to eat around here.
Above the Port in Sorrento
We hopped on the ferry and were quickly underway to the island. Our plan was to see the Blue Grotto, but alas, fate was against us this day. As we approached the ticket window on the pier, I read it was suspended today. I asked the booth guy if the water wasn't good and he said it was too choppy to get a canoe in. We changed plans and jumped on a boat for a tour around the island instead. This place is beautiful. The water glows in some places like turquoise jewels just under the waterline. It's very apparent why the Roman emporers Tiberius and Augusts built palazzos here. The soaring cliffs make easily defensible forts. Anacapri is filled with fancy private villas where celebrities and the Euro-riche spend their visits. As you cruise around the island you can see the massive personal yachts anchored right off the shore. When I say massive, I can almost say ships. These things look like they're made to have a permanent crew of at least 10-15 people, and host huge parties.
The cliffs of Capri
The town of Capri, on Marina Grande, is filled with shops and eateries. You can also take the funiculare up to the top of the mountain for spectacular views of the island and the sea. You can even see all the way to Amalfi on a day like this, not to mention Sorrento and the island of Ischia. Capri is known for their ravioli, so we found a place to eat and sampled it. Very good! The cheese inside has a tangy flavor almost like a peccorino so it balances the tomato sauce nicely. Also, the house wine in every place we've eaten is so good we've never ordered anything else!..lol..  After eating, E and I went to buy a pair of custom made sandals that Capri is known for. They measure your foot, you pick the style of the straps and the color of the leather straps, and they make them while you wait! We ended up getting the same style but different colors of straps. I can't wait to take them for a spin.
Me on a Boat!

Blue waters of Capri

At the end of the day in the sun in sunny Southern Italy, it was time to go back on the Circumvesuviana to Napoli and pack. We said goodbye to our B&B owner, Luca, and he arranged a taxi for us for 5am the next morning. I'm still considering opinion of Napoli. There are parts of it I dearly love: the people, the buildings, the pizza! And others that I don't: the graffiti, the trash, the sort of "given up" state of things. I loved walking on the streets of Napoli and knowing it still used the original street plan developed by the Greeks when it was started as their port city. I did not like, however, attempting to figure out their subway system maps which make zero sense. Along with their traffic habits. Holy cow, more than once I had a close call. Red light? HA! They scoff at your red lights! Cross-walk? Huh? Do like the Napolitans do and cross when you can, where you can, light or no light.
The next morning came too fast and we found ourselves slugging off to the airport in the dark. After a short flight to Munich, we had a 7 hour layover. E and I decided to take the train to town and have lunch, walk around and the like. Munich is a really pretty city. Gothic buildings, twisting streets. The people are much different than the Italians. Not really outwardly friendly at all, the people working at least. Randon Germans on the train? Totally nice, which is sort of weird. After an 11 hour flight back to LA, I was pooped. Even through my fatigue, though, it was nice to get back home to my own bed, my pets, seeing my parents and my co-workers.
Soon I'll start the next summer's vacation destination: girls trip to Spain. Hollah!

City Hall and Glockenspiel- Munich
Inside Munich's Cathedral


  1. All pictures look so beautiful. Like you! Welcome home sis!

  2. Awww, you even mentioned missing your co-workers!