Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Napoli Above and Below

After a bittersweet morning leaving Rome, we jumped on the Regionale train to Naples. We passed miles and miles of gorgeous and green farmland. Campania is like the central valley of California used to be. Lush with farms and agriculture. We passed the station in Gaeta where we saw the Mediterranean sparkling in the morning sunlight.
Pulling into Napoli Centrale was like being thrown into havoc. People everywhere, nothing orderly like the other stations we've been to. We finally hopped onto the line we needed to Museo station. Our first glimpse of Napoli traffic scared the crap out of me, and I'm from Southern California! I asked a little old man outside the station in Italian where we could find a street and then he told us to just cross anywhere. What??!!! Really??!! Taking our lives in our hands we ran dragging our luggage behind us. Our hotel is in a 17th century building on a piazza with an old church.
The streets are narrow, high buildings keep it a little cooler at ground level. Cars and Vespas plunge headlong into the foot traffic and you better move or they'll just keep going.
We picked up my cousin and decided to get pizza at a place one of my other cousins recommended as the best place in Napoli: Sorbillo. Omg this place was good! We stuffed ourselves silly for about €8 each. Now that's a deal!
Afterward we decided to do the Napoli Sotteraneo tour underground. A great lesson on the Greek origins of the city, and a trip thru some extremely narrow tunnels with only a candle to light the way. So awesome! Boy Wonder and I did the narrow tunnel trip to see two Greek cisterns that are still filled with water.
The day cooled to a beautiful evening and we went in search of grub. We stopped at a little cafe for a quick panino and this is where we discovered that old Italian just love me.... ha ha. We ordered only sandwiches and a coke. What we received were sandwiches, slices of ziti pizza, little cakes filled with banana and sour cherries and a limoncello granita to top it all off. All this and we only paid for the sandwich! I guess being nice to sweet old guys and speaking very imperfect Italian pays

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