Thursday, September 13, 2012

Around Naples

<p>This morning it was back to Bar il Fiorello for cappuccino. True to form the proprietor just put plates in front of us: fresh ricotta biscuits, sfogliatelle and shots of cafe di nonno, which is some kind of high powered frappuccino thing. After that we were served our cappuccino, and cold espresso shots. Full of high octane caffeine, we set off for the Capella di Sanservero.
This baroque chapel for the princes of the Sansevero family crypts was designed by the artist/architect/alchemist Raimundo di Sangre and features his famous "Veiled Christ" sculpture. It completely baffles me how these sculptors were able to make marble almost look liquid. The marble flows so fluidly over the body it really does give the impression of a thin veil over the body. Theres also another sculpture that features a fisherman's net over the subject and that's carved out of marble too! Simply amazing.<br>
Today was rainy in Naples and we were brave little travelers. We saw the Museo Nazionale ( where they have all the artifacts from Pompeii) and then walked down the Via Toledo, which is the main street through Napoli. Its crowded, really crowded. The police are everywhere since it leads right into the banking sector. There are some beggars and the third worlders about.<br>
We walked toward the port and toured the Castel Nuovo, a 15th century stronghold of the many dukes and barons who ruled Napoli. As we left under the dark grey sky, heading back up the street, I was treated to a furtive ass grab by a teen age boy. When confronted, said boy took off running down the street. Look, I know I'm a little too bootylicious but COME ON. NON TOCCARE!!!!! My auntie warned me but since all the men have respectful so far I guess I was spoiled. Most of them just stare.<br>
After a small dinner we headed in for an early night. Tomorrow we go to Sorrento! </p>

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