Friday, September 14, 2012

Adventures in Sorrento

Our first experience with the Circumvesuviana train was a car whose doors wouldn't shut. Everyone on the train had to get off and wait another 15 minutes. When we finally boarded it was like a cattle car and we had 30 stops before we got to Sorrento. That is not an exaggeration.  Its literally 30 stops. There was no room to sit until we got to Torre del Greco,  and we sat with a kindly old nun who told us in Italian the history as we went along. She also warned us about watching our purses. The first nun not to give us the stink eye! Yay! So about four stops away we were invaded by gypsies playing drums and tambourines, using their kids to beg for money. Ahhh, my ignore skills have sharpened to a steel edge in this place! I wonder what will happen when I go back to work and start accidentally ignoring annoying
We get to Sorrento and dark clouds began to roll in. We walked in the rain along the cliff walk until it started coming down so hard we had to duck into a restaurant to get out of it, into Ristorante Tasso. E and Boy Wonder both had a lemon risotto with shrimp and chives that was super tasty. I had carciotta cheese ravioli that was really good. All very light and we topped it off with wine, of course!
Unfortunately our site seeing was ruined by the rain. We ducked down a narrow alley and did some shopping to make up for it. So far I've bought wine, olive oil and balsamic to bring home. Yay! Also some lemon marmalade, chocolate with orange flavoring, and more Italian coffee.
Tonight we went back to Bar Fiorello on Piazza Bellini for dinner. The thing with this is you have to be ok letting "nonno" do all your decision making. You don't have choices here, you get what he gives you and you mangiare tutto whether you like it or not He won't let you leave hungry that's for damn in fact you're more likely to waddle out. I've probably gained ten pounds since coming here but I'm ok with that. Its was worth the good food! I ordered ten of the Napoli specialty sfogliatelle to pick up in the morning to take with me to my cousin's house in Casserta. YUM!

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  1. Annoying people are meant to be ignored.

    Although this may be difficult, if not impossible, because of your job.