Saturday, August 29, 2015

Churches and artists: AKA weird sh** you see in Venice and Leonardo da Vinci

After drinks and coffees we all headed out onto the vaporetto for the cruise down the Grand Canal. It was around 88 and humid today, making it pretty hot. The boats were packed with people all out seeing the sites.
Once we got to Piazza di San Marco we waited in line to get in. This basilica goes further than the others in that your knees must barely be showing, and shoulders cannot be seen. Sister's fiance had to buy a tshirt, Sister and Girl Wonder had to cover their knees with a plastic cover. The insides of the basilica were amazing!!! The insides of the cupolas featured saints, angels and the apostles. The gold tiles sparkled in the midday sun that crept in from overhead. Its very shady inside but gives the impression of a space larger than it is.
Once we left St Marks we headed back to the boat to hit the glass makers island of Murano. The glass makers sometimes have their workshops open so you can watch them, although today we just ate lunch because we were lacking time. After a great meal at Acqua Stanca we headed back and barely got to Santa Maria della Salute before it close. Its a large church in a circular shape with a byzantine style icon at the alter. Very beautiful.
Being adventurous and not having any plans we decided to walk thru Dosoduro instead of taking the boat. We were treated to a very eye opening experience in hand made art of all kinds. From hanging lamps, to a multitude of shops that make carnivale masks, to odd paintings and sculptures that made us scratch our head. It wasnt so much we didnt get modern art (Remmy wondered aloud if it was the paint we were supposed to admire, so Girl Wonder said "but its not a good job, its just not!"), some of it was just down right weird. Like the statues of males that were sort of looked like a Benetton ad, they were nude but hands in their pockets? Or the super weirdo Lladro figurines that were almost a foot tall and looked like demented kids in bunnysuits. Thankfully we were saved by coming upon the old St Barnabas church which just happened to be an exhibition where they built a bunch of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions. How cool is that??!!! I didn't even see it on our map or in a guide book. Totally great find!
We topped our night off by having a delicious dinner while Sister and her fiance went and had a romantic evening by themselves. The last night of the fullmokn was lovely to behold!
Tomorrow we head to Florence!

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  1. Id LOVEro see Leonardo da Vinci's inventions created. That would be amazing!!