Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Costa del Sol's Marbella

Ok, so I guess this next series of blog posts is going to be the planning of my next vacation, which I have already started. I'll be going on a girls trip next summer with two friends and my sister. Should be fun! I don't pick travel partners quickly or easily. If you're in a foreign country for two weeks you better make sure you can handle people. This past trip to Italy was a good mix. Boy Wonder is a total goof ball who brought a different brand of humor to the table. E and I pretty much run along the same humor and interests so that was good. Then my cousin L pretty much put Boy Wonder's humor on steroids. ha ha. It was complete laughter the whole trip.
So moving on, we're beginning our Spanish adventure in the Costa del Sol, in Marbella. Situated along the shoreline of the Mediterranean in the province of Malaga, Marbella has long been the playground of aristocrats, euro-riche and celebrities. With its gorgeous sparkling beaches, and many resorts we can see why!
Marbella Images
This photo of Marbella is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Besides the people watching, what brings us to Marbella? Quite simply, a little bit of decadence. We'll be getting VIP cards to one of the biggest beach resorts in the area: Nikki Beach. For two days we'll soak up the sun on huge sun beds, drink cava, and generally just enjoy the fabulousness that Marbella has to offer.
However, if you're going to be spending a little bit more time in the area, then this post is for you. What else does Marbella have to offer? Golf and sailing are pretty popular here and each sport boasts numerous clubs. You can go biking, see some great architecture (everyone knows this is one of my primary reasons for site seeing.. ha!), and learn how the Spaniards make olive oil. Did I mention wine? Spain is a huge producer of some great wines. Make sure that's at the top of your list!
Photos of D.OLIVA Marbella, Marbella
This photo of D.OLIVA Marbella is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If lounging on the beach is your gig, and we'll be doing plenty of that, try Nikki Beach for an upscale experience. It does cost to get in, and the cost for the sunbeds is extra. The upper level beds in the exclusive area will set you back about $300, prepaid, but they fit 3 people and come with a bottle of cava. They offer cocktails and food, and have dance parties at night. You can also stay at the Hotel Don Carlos which Nikki Beach shares property with. Estrella del Mar Beach Club comes with a day spa for those of you who really want a relaxing time, like say, a dip in this infinity pool?
Photos of Estrella del Mar Beach Club, Marbella
This photo of Estrella del Mar Beach Club is courtesy of TripAdvisor

So how do you get to Marbella? If you're flying into the Costa del Sol, the main airport is in Malaga from which you can take a 45 minute bus to Marbella. You can also fly into Gibraltar but will end up driving 1.5 hours north. US residents on the west coast can expect to pay $1130 for the last week of April if you want to avoid the summer crowds and uptick in prices. East coast residents are going to pay about $950 flying out of New York.
Aside from the obvious decadence of selecting a vacation in the Costa del Sol, tourism is one of the only industries offering employment in Spain which is unfortunately at 25% unemployment right now. Those from abroad who are choosing holidays on the Iberian peninsula are providing much needed revenue in the form of patronizing hotels and restaurants which keep people employed and put food on the table for their families. So yes, this is my way of rationalizing my traveling... lol.

Let's go stimulate the economy! (and drink lots of wine!)

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