Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ooh la la, Lisbon!

Last week as I threw some numbers around to allow for a co-worker to join us on the Iberian Escapade next summer, Sister with a Suitcase decides she wants us to go to Lisbon on our trip. Part of me wanted to keep my same itinerary of Gibraltar, Granada, Alicante, Ibiza, Formentera and Barcelona (including Lloret de Mar). It's her vacation, too, so I shaved a day off Alicante and Granada to get us two days in Lisbon at the end of our trip. I had originally wanted to go to Portugal but I just couldn't figure out how it would work logistically. Thankfully, Spain has a super cheap airline called Vueling. It will only cost round $50 to fly from Barcelona to Lisbon. Portugal here we come!
Now, the only thing I'd really looked up about the country was about Porto, which is gorgeous. What does Lisbon have to offer me? I start with a great article in the Daily Mail on the capital city. Hmm. Colonial architecture and colorful buildings. That's always a good opening draw. What about the culture? Hello Belem!

Photos of Belem, Lisbon
This photo of Belem is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Everyone knows what a huge nerd I am. If it has a castle, chances are you'll find me exploring it. Lisbon also has some beautiful churches, and a coastline fairly close by where the river Tejo empties into the ocean.

Photos of Cascais, Lisbon
This photo of Cascais is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Pictures of Alfama, Lisbon
This photo of Alfama is courtesy of TripAdvisor
 Accommodations are a pretty good deal, as is food. Even though I feel bad for the Portuguese right now, that doesn't mean the rest of can't take advantage of the great prices!There's plenty of nightlife and things to see. There are trams to go up the hills Lisbon is built on, and a public transportation system to get around the city. Vueling and other small airline carriers can get you to the city within a few hours. For those of you in Europe, this looks like a good getaway for a long weekend. So what's it going to cost you? Let's check it out:
Round trip from Los Angeles to Lisbon: $1001 on US airways, round trip
Round trip from London: only 158GBP on Easy Jet

Hotels: (for 7 nights stay)
Lisbon Short Stay Apartments in the central Baixa district: 553 euro!
Inspira Santa Marta Hotel: 643 euro

Let's go drink some caipirinhas and stimulate the economy!


  1. Don't feel sorry for the Portuguese -- just do your part to support their economy!! :D

  2. As a native Brazilian, my first instinct is to tell the Portuguese to kiss my ass. LOL, but, traveling the world has put me in a very tough predicament: oh learn to "coexist" my dear and accept other cultures no matter what atrocities they have committed. Grant it, the Portuguese are not the worst of it, but, I have to say I still hold a grudge for the stolen gold, wood, precious stones, and oh yes, dignity they have raped out of other cultures, Brazil's of course, included.
    Not too worry, my parents have visited their tiny little country, and I suppose at the end of the day I just might pay them a visit, laugh at their accent and drink some caldo verde... All with "acceptance" of course.